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Yasmine Orlando Yoga




Welcome! I'm Yasmine Orlando, an experienced yoga teacher offering clases and workshops for adults and children in Shere and Gomshall, nestled in the beautiful Surrey Hills between Guildford and Dorking. 

About Yasmine 

I have been practicing yoga for over 20 years and teaching for 9. Over the years I have experienced yoga as a deeply nourishing and supportive presence. It has offered me steadiness, taught me acceptance, patience and resilience whilst keeping body and mind strong and flexible. It has adapted with me through two pregnancies and held space for me whilst navigating motherhood. It has taught me the radical power of rest and relaxation

It is an honour to share these tools with you and to hold space for you to reconnect with your own inner teacher. 

In 2015 I completed an 18 month and 200+ hour training with Yoga Campus. I have continued my yoga education learning from well respected teachers such as Michael Stone, Judith Hanson Lasater, Uma Dinsmore Tuli and Julie Gudmestad.
I am a level 1 Relax and Renew restorative yoga teacher and a Total Yoga Nidra facilitator.

In 2022 completed my training as a children's yoga teacher with Enchanted Wonders and the wonderful Ayala Homossany.

I have a leve 2 qualification in Understanding mental health in the early years. 

I am now part way through studying for a degree in Health Sciences which is proving to be a challenging and fascinating endeavour. My increasing knowledge about the mechanisms of the body's systems support many of the practices I share in my classes. Yoga and breathwork as a way to tap into the nervous system is endlessly fascinating to me!

I am passionate about offering yoga in an accessible and community based way which is why I try to keep my classes local (I love a village hall!), on the small side, and offer various price options for most sessions. 

I also believe the benefits of a yoga practice must ripple out from the individual into the community. I hold regular sessions for charities such as YOGA STOPS TRAFFICK! and each class you attend will plant a tree through Ecologi.  

I regularly attend classes with Yasmine and she is such a brilliant teacher. I hadn’t done yoga for a few years and she has reignited my love for it! Her classes are always varied and her relaxed and inclusive approach makes everyone feel comfortable. I have also had the pleasure of attending a few of her Re-charge sessions which are also excellent.


My sons aged 9 and 7 went to Yasmine's Christmas yoga and creativity workshop and they both had a brilliant time. When they showed me all that they had made I was blown away by the care, attention and thought Yasmine had clearly given to all the activities. Renewed thanks Yasmine!


..Yasmine’s classes, as well as evidencing her strong background in the teaching of yoga, show her enthusiasm for the ways in which yoga can improve the lives of others... She will adapt to your needs, whatever they are and no matter how different they are to anyone else’s, and is there only for your comfort and wellbeing. You will be restored.


Private 1-2-1 Yoga sessions in the Surrey Hills

Conveniently located on the A25 between Dorking and Guildford, my small but perfectly formed garden studio offers you a space to retreat into a yoga practice that is just for you. Choose from an option below or speak to me about your bespoke needs and we can tailor a class to suit you.



Flow and Restore- a well balanced practice featuring mindfully flowing sequences followed by deeply nourishing restorative yoga and yoga nidra.

Self practice support- Time to support you in your own self practice goals. This session features time to chat about what you are looking to get from your yoga, and then time to explore practices and suggestions that could make a difference to your daily routine.


Essential Rest- A real self care package. Gentle movements to prepare the body for comfortable rest, breathwork, restorative yoga and yoga nidra to ease the nervous system. Great for anyone struggling with stress or sleep problems.

Private sessions are £60 for 70 minutes or £150 when booking 3 sessions and can be on a 1-2-1 or 2-2-1 basis. 

Bespoke private group yoga in Gomshall-

Are you planning for a special occasion in the Surrey Hills?  Perhaps you would like to include some yoga for a special birthday or hen party? I can offer bespoke private group classes for upto 5 people in my garden studio in Gomshall at a cost of £90. The class will be designed to suit the needs of your group and the occassion.

Follow the link below to discuss availability for your private yoga session.


Why yoga?

Are you new to yoga? Or perhaps you have been practicing for a while but would like to better understand that magic post yoga feeling!

Yoga offers a wide range of tools for life. Practices and exercises, which when done regularly, allow us to navigate through life with increased steadiness and ease. Whether this be through improved comfort in our bodies, better breathing and emotional well being or the ability to more readily access peace and quiet of mind.​Yoga teaches intelligent movement, allowing you to appreciate and understand your unique body's own limitations as well as it's vast potential.

The magic of yoga is that it offers tangible ways to manipulate the autonomic systems of the body. It's our gateway to the subconscious and a means to bring our nervous system out of stress mode and reteach ourselves the lost art of relaxation. 

I take great care crafting sequences that will build physical strength, flexibility, resilience and focus leaving you feeling balanced, relaxed and hopefully just that little bit better than you felt before class!

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