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Give the Gift of Yoga

You know that feeling at the end of a yoga class? Is there really a better gift you could give someone than that?

I am happy to be offering gift vouchers which can be customised to create the perfect gift for someone special in your life. 

Choose to gift a numerical value which can be redeemed against any yoga classes or workshops over the next 12 months. Or choose to gift a class or a bundle of classes.

Email me at to place your order or to discuss. When ordering please include the following information-

  • Name of recipient

  • Gift message

  • Value of gift voucher 

  • Chosen design, take a look at the options below 1.tree pose 2.lotus. 3. side stretch 4. happy heart

  • Would you like this sent to you digitally or posted to yourself or the recipient. (if posting please provide a postage address and note that a fee of £1 will be added onto the voucher cost to cover printing and postage)

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