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Give your little ones the skills to grow up healthy, happy, strong and kind,
in body and in mind!

Yoga is a broad toolkit for life. It offers practices which can help keep children physically, mentally and emotionally healthy and happy as they grow.

Yoga emphasises important qualities and skills of compassion, connection and reflection

Different to other clubs, sports and activities, in Yoga there is no sense of competition, no winners or losers, no one is better or worse- this can be both refreshing and empowering for children as they begin to recognise and celebrate their own wonder and unique super powers. 

Classes with me include an age appropriate mix of movement, relaxation, breathing, mindfulness, games, story, craft and song. 

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Bubbles are fun! Bubbles are the perfect way to introduce breathing practices to little ones and to open the door to a world of underwater themed yoga poses! Bubbles can be meditated on, they can be visualised, they can even start a conversation about who is in our bubble. They open up all kinds of activities which I look forward to sharing this April. 

Thank you!!

Not only did we share a lovely Saturday morning together, we ended up raising over £150 for Yoga Stop Traffick which will make  a real difference and bring hope to the lives of children who have lived through unthinkable times. 

If you would like to see Family Yoga become a more regular event please pop me and email below and let me know the sorts of times and locations that would work for you so I can gauge interest. 

Are you interested in kid's yoga at a birthday party or event? Are you a Surrey school looking to bring some of the calming qualities of yoga into your classroom? 

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