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Beginners Yoga course starting soon in Shere, Surrey

Are you curious about the benefits of yoga? Have you tried it before but it didn't quite stick? Do you experience back pain? Insomnia? Are you stressed and or fatigued?

Yoga doesn't work miracles but it does offer simple tools and techniques which can bring real benefit to your life. Through a combination of movement, mindfulness, breathing practices and philosophies Yoga can bring a sense of clarity and perspective and shift your relationship with your body and mind. I speak from my experience as a student of 20 years and a teacher of 8.

I appreciate a yoga class can seem like an intimidating place to rock up to! Social media and the media in general does nothing to help the cause, presenting yoga as only for the super fit and bendy of the western world, or exoticising it as a foreign eastern practice. In truth these practices can be adapted for all, the real magic occurring in the dynamic between action and reflection, the element of mindful awareness which sets yoga apart from other movement and exercise classes.

Know that when you sign up for this course you will receive a friendly welcome and enter a space where ego and judgment can be gently left at the door.

Or pop me an email to chat and find out more!

With warmth,

Yasmine x

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