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Deep Autumn

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

My body is calling to me to start to slow down, to respond to the shortening days and the less inviting weather. My children are falling asleep 90 minutes earlier than they would in the summer and waking 60 later. But by 'growing up' I have grown away from the natural rhythms of the year that for past generations have been our guide. The inhale of the spring and summer, the exhale of the autumn and winter. Each leading back into the other.


I can override the seasons now. I have central heating and artificial lighting, and the supermarkets don't close over winter so there is no need for me to be gathering and storing as the nights draw in. But still maintaining that same level of activity gets harder. To live like it is Spring in the Autumn is a struggle. Acceptance is bliss.


Welcome in the Autumn, welcome the invitation to slow down, to nourish your self in whatever way you need.


In our practice let's prioritise rest. Let's move in a slow and steady, embodied way. Let's generate inner warmth and cultivate a soft and grounded strength that aligns with the autumnal energy and carries us through the seasons with grace and ease.

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