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Some words on rest.

In my opinion rest is the most underrated (non)activity out there. As a restorative yoga teacher I often come up against the idea that “doing” nothing is waste of time, there’s so much else we could be doing right? Who has time for rest!?

I would gently argue that choosing to take periods of conscious rest is a powerful way to communicate care and love to yourself.

Rest is essential, it is these pauses and moments of reflection between moments of action that ensure a wise and efficient use of energy. In terms of yoga philosophy this relates to the yama brahmacharya. In terms of your daily life it may relate to a feeling of being more focussed, more efficient and productive and less wasteful of your energy.

Moments of space free from physical activity allow the systems of the body to come to their rest state, sometimes referred to as rest and digest mode. (This is why if your tummy starts rumbling in restorative yoga it’s a very welcome sound!)

In rest, stress hormones like cortisol are reduced. You may experience the effects of stress on the body such as feelings of anxiety, high blood pressure, muscle tension, reduced immune function and digestive issues start to find relief.

Training your mind to focus and quieten a little and stepping back, kindly, from the constant stream of mental chatter can have a positive effect on your mood and also allow the space for creativity to arise. I often hear and experience myself, the best ideas arise during or after a yoga nidra session! It can be great for problem solving and getting out of a creative slump.

It is one of the greatest privileges as a yoga teacher to hold space for you to meet that experience of deep rest. I truly believe in its power, which is why I hold regular essential rest sessions in my small garden studio in the beautiful Surrey Hills.

If you would like to discover the transformative power of rest for yourself- in particular restorative yoga, yoga nidra and breathwork then please do join me for a session!

yoga teacher with students in relaxation

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