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This time of year...

This time of year often starts to get busy with errands and commitments in the run up to Christmas. Whilst many of these things are enjoyable parts of the festive build up, they do all still take energy, mentally, physically and even emotionally. The high level of activity we put ourselves through is counter to the natural rhythm of the year, where winter is a time to hibernate.

Often when we get busy, taking time out for ourselves is the first thing we drop, in an attempt to make space in our schedule for all of those other tasks. You wouldn't take a car on a long journey without first filling it with fuel, so why do we do that to ourselves!? By living this way we run the risk of burn out or just not really enjoying our time the best we could!

So, I encourage you to buck that trend and join the self care rebellion!! You will be amazed at how much more productive you can be if you prioritise tending to yourself before taking on the activities of the day!

This week classes will focus on moving in synchronicity with the breath and also refining out awareness as we pay attention to the way the breath moves in us and the subtle sensations within the yoga asanas we practice.

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