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Yoga for good

Yoga is not just an exercise class, though for many of us that is our first experience of the practice. As we become more experienced and knowledgeable about yoga teachings we can come to understand the most dramatic transformations come from the work we do away from the mat. Yoga as we know it has grown from many philosophies and is rooted in concepts such as, Ahimsa- non violence (I broadly translate this as kindness) Aparigraha- not stealing (or taking/using more than we need) and sangha- community. When we root these ideas into our own practice we create opportunity for both personal and communal transformation.

Below are a few of the ways I try to ensure my teachings connect to these ideas and the wider community

Yoga for good

Throughout the year I hold classes where all the profits are donated to a charitable cause. This past year we supported Yoga Stops Traffick! Unicef Crisis relief and Polish Humanitarian Action.


Trees planted for every practice

For every class/ workshop or download paid for, at least 1 tree will be planted through Ecologi.

You can keep an eye on our yoga forest here!

Yoga for all

I believe yoga should be accessible for everybody which is why I try to make my classes and downloads available to all. I know that times are tough for many and if your financial situation means that you would not normally be able to justify spending money on a yoga class then I invite you to attend at the discounted rate of £6 or whatever you can currently afford. After booking a single class you will be invited to pay via bank transfer so simply pay what you can.


Downloads are available for free, I do suggest a donation amount if you are able to pay. I find when people pay even a small amount for something they will value it more and therefore use it more! And these practices don't work unless you do them!

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