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Have you seen the headlines on children's mental health?

Did you know it is Children’s Mental Health week this week? This years theme is Your Voice Matters…

This theme should empower children, to help them feel worthy, respected and valuable members of our families, our homes and our communities.

Below are 3 ideas of ways you can look after your child’s mental health around this theme including a free printable.

1. This one probably sounds obvious but the number one thing we can do as parents is listen to our children. Don’t dismiss their fears, their worries and the things that get them excited. What might seem trivial to us can be huge to them and trivialising will put them off sharing something we might really want to know about in the future! This is in no means inteded to sound patronising. As a parent I know how hard it is and how full the day to day routine can be.

I am trying to carve out a little bit of time for some intentional listening on my part at these 3 times of day-

  • During car journeys,

  • around the dinner table,

  • just before bed

2. Let them be the boss. It doesn’t always feel like it, but children don’t really get much of a say in their day to day lives. So let them feel a sense of control by making them boss! In my house this might be they get to choose what is for dinner one night or they get to pick a movie to watch on a Friday evening. In Little Wild Things workshops this might be that they get to be teacher and create the sequence. Too much choice can be overwhelming but having no choice at all can lead to frustration and feeling powerless.

3. Here is a worksheet I sometimes use in my Yoga and Creativity workshops. I love to get children to fill it in multiple times. Notice the place for the date- that’s because this excercise helps to explore and develop a child’s voice and identity however it also reflects that this is not set in stone. It is changing day to day moment to moment. This is a reflective excercise that cultivates mindfulness and self expression.

A printable worksheet for self expression
All about me kids worksheet

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