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Moving into February

We are about to take a step out of January and into February. On the 1st of February do we have the same strength of intention and passion for resolutions that we did on January 1st? Maybe not, maybe that’s ok. Perhaps each moment is an opportunity to set intentions and to align our actions to them.

I thoroughly enjoyed our warrior practice last week in the 10.30 class. Poses which can help conjur feelings of strength and resilience. This week our practice will circle around downward facing dog, perhaps the most classic image of a modern yoga class? And just because a class may be themed around a particular pose that doesn’t mean that you must practice that pose. It could be that the full expression of the pose isn’t right for your body. In yoga it is always Ahimsa (non- violence) first! When I explore a pose in this way I like to think about what is the intention of that pose, how can we achieve that safely and effectively wether we end up in a text book version of it is not of interest to me in the slightest. As I tell my kids, you are the boss of your body*! You know it best, you are your own best teacher and your yoga practice is above all a space to explore that relationship.

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