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Little Wild Things- my picks for world book day

HThis Thursday is World Book Day! Reading with my kids is probably one of the things I love most about being a parent. It is certainly one of the things I will really miss when my girls are grown. It is an opportunity to open their minds to endless landscapes of creativity, poetic use of language, and beautiful illustration. Through stories children can learn about other peoples perspectiveslenspeople's, they can see resilience in action, observe problem solving and essentially learn some of life's lessons all through the safe lense of a bedtime story.

Here are a few of my favourite books for sparking imagination, conversation and of course joy!


Fantastic representation to counter the enormous amount of stereotypical roles that girls see themselves in in stories. I love Ada's lateral thinking, her quizzical mind and the way her parents make space for it all!

UNDER THE LOVE UMBRELLA- Such a gorgeous story of our enduring love for our children and a reminder to them that thelove is always with them even when we are not.

THE TINY SEED- A classic story about nature but also about resilience and the great potential of small things.

I WANT MY HAT BACK- This one just makes us chuckle!

WHEN I AM BIG- As you may be able to see this book has been well read! It's a playful and imaginitive counting story about a child's dreams of adulthood.

WE ARE ALL BORN FREE- A great and visual way to introduce an older child to universal human rights.

ELLA QUEEN OF JAZZ- I grew up listening to Ella Fitzgerald so I'm not sure who enjoys this book more me or the girls. The illustrations are gorgeous and the true story highlights racial inequality, friendship and resilience.

TOGETHER- A sweet nature book about collaboration and team work in the natural world.

It was pretty hard to narrow it down to this lot! If you have any recommendations for kids books I would love to hear them! Particularly for ages 8+

Y xxx

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